new site, new translations

Hi guys, a little late here, but I’m trying out a new domain and translating Heroic Wife Reborn as a main side project over at! I thought about it and realized I really needed to love love love a project to keep it going in my free(ish) time, so in the end HWR won as I’ve been pining […]

New series launch!

I’m picking up There’s No God in Show Business, also known as The Entertainment Circle has No God for fun as I’ve really enjoyed the author’s other works set in the entertainment/showbiz world. Updates for this series will be sporadic, however, as I focus on PGC. Do note that this was one of Mo Chen Huan’s earlier series written […]

New theme!

I think it’s more novel-friendly, since the changing header only appears on the homepage while you get nothing but text for the others (Project, About Me, etc, etc.). Menu for that has been minimized to an expandable sidebar on the left! The art is still the same randomized goodness from Ibuki Satsuki, but you won’t […]

Grave Digger completed!

Hey guys, I’m still pretty busy to poke WOSSTM, but I did find some time to wrap up a short series I started a while back–Grave Digger by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, the same author of Mr. Chen and Mrs. Cheng, Ziqin, and her more well-known series on NU, Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion. For […]